Seeker Utility Engineering

Leaders in geospatial and subsurface mapping solutions

Seeker Utility Engineering specialises in collecting, identifying and interpreting subsurface asset information essential to project owners and stakeholders.

Our comprehensive approach ensures informed decision-making, shaping project design and facilitating successful outcomes.

Our leading team of subsurface utility mapping professionals bring expertise in the management of geospatial data to minimise project risks and optimise operational efficiencies.

Subsurface mapping solution specialists

At Seeker, our experience on national infrastructure projects enables us to accurately map utilities and subsurface structures while preserving the integrity of underground assets.

Committed to enhancing project value, our team delivers innovative solutions to address complex challenges. Working closely with you from concept design to construction, we transform raw data into actionable intelligence that drives smarter, safer and more cost-effective project outcomes.


Trace and identify underground utilities including water pipes, sewer lines, electrical cables, gas lines, underground storage tanks and telecommunication infrastructure.


Recommended as the safest and most efficient method of verifying underground services, NDD uses regulated water pressure to minimise the risk of damage to subsurface utilities.


Navigate the internal complexities of concrete structures using ground penetrating radar (GPR) to identify anomalies, reinforcement and post tension cable, and determine the structural integrity of the concrete slab.


When projects require more than NDD alone, we implement a hybrid approach using NDD, mechanical excavation trenching and shoring to bulk out the area. Our equipment can also be used for geological and environmental test pits.


Using the latest software, surveying and 3D laser scanning technologies, we capture high-quality data to process, analyse and prepare 2D and 3D drawings that identify potential conflicts and other information critical to the project’s progress.

Additional Seeker Utility Engineering services include:

Traffic Management & TGS plans

Tree root investigations

Vapour well assistance

Environmental & geological test pits

Trenching & shoring

CCTV investigations

Overhead and underground spotting


Stormwater and sewer jetting

Innovative subsurface mapping solutions that visualise unseen infrastructure


Experienced Team

From our engineers with national and international major project experience, to our inhouse traffic managers and spotters, we select the right people with the right skills for your project.

Clear Communication

Our key decision-makers are onsite and involved with the project from the start. This means agile management and clear communication across all aspects of project delivery.

Accurate Data

Undocumented utilities are a safety risk and inaccurate subsurface data can lead to costly redesign work and delays, so we produce the highest quality data available.

Latest Equipment

We invest both time and resources to keep up to date with the latest innovations in capture technologies and AI integrations to deliver more accurate data sets.







At Seeker, we believe the heart of any successful project lies in the capabilities of the individuals who drive it.

When seasoned professionals come together as a team, their diverse expertise and industry insights, provide opportunities to challenge convention and embrace innovation. It’s this thinking, along with a commitment to excellence and dedication to delivery that form the foundation of our success.